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Fun, Entertaining Mystery/Detective Chapter Book for Girls

Fun and Entertaining Mystery Chapter Book for Girls

I realize this is out of the ordinary for me, but here we go.

Introducing Shirley Lock. The new detective in town. A hilariously playful mystery book for girls, ages 5-8.

chapter book mystery for girls

“Laugh out loud funny! Shirley is a hoot! She’ll steal your heart AND your funny bone!… Entertaining children’s detective and mystery book for kids from beginning to end!” 

Move over, Nancy Drew! There’s a new detective in town!

Join Shirley and her little brother, Ellery, in her first case. When Ellery’s front tooth turns up missing, Shirley Lock is on the case. But will the detective duo be able to find the missing tooth? Or will they find a scary thief, a hairy suspect, and a doggone dead end instead?

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Why chapter books for kids? Here’s the thing. I wrote this a while back and published it under a pen name. I’ve realized over the years how monstrously difficult it is to keep up different pen names, so I’m just moving it under Mande Matthews. Conventional advice tells us not to mix our brand with off-brand stories, but I’m wagering readers are much smarter than conventional advice and you’ll easily know which books you want and which ones you don’t, regardless of whether or not I publish different genres. Here’s to you, readers for being so dang smart! And as always, shoot me an email if you’d like to see more of Shirley!

Have a magical day,

Mande Matthews Bestselling Fantasy Author

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