ShadowLight Saga Characters Guide

From Book One: Bonded

Astrid from the ShadowLight Saga Hallad from the ShadowLight Saga

The ShadowLight Saga contains a large cast. Here’s a list to keep all the relationships straight without giving away any secrets you may discover in Bonded.


Main Characters

Character Description
Hallad Avarrson Son of Avarr, destined to guard a mysterious warrior woman.
Swan Mysterious warrior maiden Hallad is sworn to protect.
Emma Avarrdottir Hallad’s little sister. Erik’s beloved. Daughter of Arvarr and Thyre.
Erik Sigtrigson Blood brother to Hallad. In love with Emma.
Rolf Sigtrigson Wishful scald (story-teller), and little brother to Erik.
Lothar Guardian of Holyfell.
The Shadow Known by many names: Loki, Black Sutr, ShadowMaster and more.
The Mother Mother Nerthus is the land.


Please note: Surnames were not in use in Scandia naming conventions. A last name was merely the combination of the parent’s name and a designation of son or dottir (Scandian for daughter).


Secondary Characters

Avarr: Father of Hallad and Emma–Godhi (chieftan) of Steadsby.
Thyre: Wife to Avarr.
Andvarri: Dwarf practicing to become the Sage of the Village of Gnarn.
Olrun: Head Drengmaer and Sword Bearer of the Lion Clan, honored Guardians of the Way, and Sal Drengmaer to Rota.
Rota: Head Drengmaer and Sword Bearer of the Lion Clan, honored Guardians of the Way, and Sal Drengmaer to Olrun.
Ase Jorrun: Second priestess to the Women of the Way.
Gisla: Apprentice to Ase Jorrun.
Bera: Emma’s attendant in Holyfell. Sworn servant of Lothar.
Ravenna: First Walker of the Council of Norns – Guardians of Glitner.
Seretta: A songvari seeking to hide from those who want to use her power.
Veleda: Serpent Mother, High Priestess of the Women of the Way.
Jorn: Warrior sworn to the King of Upsalla.
Weyland: Lothar’s ward–but also something more?


Other Characters

Klur: Reckless sailor seeking Swan in exchange for a bounty.
Serving Wench: Serving maid in Merchant’s Row–eyes of the Cult of Freyja.
Elder Eitri: Dwarf and Sage of the Village of Gnarn.
Balthaser: Master craftsman, a dwarf, from Stonewall.
Ysja & Children: Wife of Andvarri, from the Village of Gnarn.
Gudra: One of nine daughters of Hummel.
Hummel & his Wife: Farmer and his wife living near the foothills of the Skaggs.
King of Upsalla: Self-proclaimed King of the Temple of Upsalla, ShadowSworn.
Eir: Sonvari healer, hiding from those who would use her power.
Whitefoot: Emma’s polecat friend.
Svol: Lothar’s wolf.
Arvak: Lothar’s wolf.
Thor: Hallad’s gelding.
Windrunner: Spirited gelding belonging to Avarr.
Beyla: Erik’s black mare.


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