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And Bonded Audiobook Giveaway Winners Are…

Bonded, Book 1 of the ShadowLight Saga, Bestselling Fantasy Series Audiobook Giveaway

First off, thanks to everyone who entered! There were a lot of you and I’m so very grateful. I am also thankful for the birthday wishes as well. 🙂 Now, to the important stuff.

The 10 winners for the Bonded audiobooks are…

Drumroll, please…

  1. Jennifer Roberts
  2. Elizabeth Adair
  3. Shilpa Shaw
  4. Kumu Leimomi
  5. Carolyn Hartill
  6. Robert Piasecki
  7. Traci Burch
  8. Angel Ncube
  9. Danyele Miller
  10. Jeanne Swaeby

Congratulations winners! I have already sent you instructions for downloading your prize. If your name is on the list and you have not heard from me, check your spam box and/or email me immediately and I’ll get you that book!

But if you weren’t one of the lucky winners, you can still get a free copy with a 7-day free trial over at Audible.

Just click this link and grab your copy.

Or buy a copy here. (I do appreciate your support!)

And hey, if you weren’t a winner but are interested in a review copy, contact me. ?

Thanks again to everyone who entered. It was such a success that I’ll have to think of more giveaways for the future.

Have a magical day,


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  1. Hi Mande

    Dawn Marie here,
    Quick email to congratulate you on your newest book. Sorry I wasn’t aware of the contest to win an audible copy, however I think I will sample it and then buy it. That is what I normally do when authors come out with new books. Happy belated birthday wishes to you hope it was a great and adventure filled day finding us readers our newest book boyfriend. Would love to be a review reader for you as I am an avid reader and usually read 2 or 3 books a day. Would be awesome if you could email me birthday wishes back as I turn 58 tomorrow February 9 2020.
    Again congratulations and keep up the fantastic work.

    Dawn Marie

    1. Dawn! I missed your b-day but am sending you a private email now. 🙂

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