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New Queen’s Honor Episode Officially on the Way – Celebrate with FREEBIES

Medieval Woman & Falcon Free Grayscale Coloring Page - Instant Download

It’s official. Readers have spoken and I’ve listened.

A while back, I outlined the entire Queen’s Honor television season for my manager who tried to sell the Guinevere mini-series for television. Due to Cursed (an Arthurian retelling focusing on Nimue – if you haven’t seen it, it’s just been released on Netflix here) already being in the works and who knows what other reasons, it was a hard sell. But…the result was the entire series outlined, ready and waiting for me to write.

The outlines sat around for a while as I waited to hear back and after requests from readers, I decided to go ahead and write the series for ebook release with a printed boxset release once the entire series was completed.

Two episodes are already underway.

And in celebration, I’m releasing free wallpapers and grayscale coloring pages exclusively to my subscribers (not subscribed? – do so here) on the cover art refreshes.

Many of you may know, I’m also an artist and have been providing cover art for authors and publishers for nearly a decade. While that usually results in neglecting my own cover art, I’ve recently opened an Etsy store dedicated to my art and illustration in hopes of supporting a passive income stream and loosening up my time so I can spend more time dedicated to books and book-related goodies for my readers.

I’ve redesigned my covers and all Queen’s Honor covers going forward will be turned into grayscale coloring pages for my store but for my subscribers, they will be free, instant downloads from the Story Vault page. I’m also thinking about giving you guys and gals exclusive limited edition, signed Art Cards based on my book art. Let me know if you’d like that by emailing and commenting on the blog.

So, in celebration of new episodes coming soon, here are the free wallpapers and coloring pages for your instant download.

Just log in to the Story & Art Vault here: Insider’s Story & Art Vault

and grab the wallpapers and coloring pages you see below.

If you’ve forgotten your password, email me and I’ll resend it. If you’re not signed up, do so here.

Here’s what you’ll be getting:


Free medieval romance wallpapers from Queen's Honor

Instant Download, Printable Grayscale Coloring Pages

Medieval Woman & Falcon Free Grayscale Coloring Page - Instant Download

Beautiful Medieval Romance Couple Free Grayscale Coloring Page - Instant Download

Beautiful Medieval Girl Free Coloring page

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