Throughout my life, specific authors have inspired me.  Here’s my list of major author influences that I credit for my early development as a writer.

Terry Brooks: 
Introduced me to the world of fantasy when I was thirteen.  I can still remember how I felt when I finished the last page of Sword of Shannara.  I brimmed with hope.  Warmth that spread through me.  A desire sparked deep inside of me that would eventually evolve into my life-long passion of creating new worlds for readers.

Robert Jordan:
Showed me how vast worlds could be.  That there were no limits to the imagination.  That perseverance spread across decades.

Joseph Campbell:  
Taught me the wonder of the human archetypal mind.  How it resonates throughout our subconscious.  How myth is a universal symbol for the same basic desires and thoughts.

Marion Zimmer Bradley: 
Taught me that women had a place in fantasy with her female-centric stories in an era of the fantasy boy’s club.

Ann Rice:
For seductive indulgence.

Rob Tapert & Joss Whedon:
Because women (Xena Warrior Princess & Buffy the Vampire Slayer) really can kick serious behind.


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