I am flat broke, and today is my husband’s birthday. Of course I know that giving is not about material items, but when you’re with someone you care for deeply, you’re always inclined to want to buy the them things they want and need. Yet my bank account tells me that’s not an option.

I am also very close to revealing my new miniseries: Queen’s Honor, Tales of Lady Guinevere.

Retold from the perspective of a young Guinevere, the fantasy romance details Guinevere’s passionate struggle between choosing to follow her heart or uphold her duty.

At its core, Queen’s Honor is about true love. So it’s only fitting that I dedicate this miniseries to my one true love, a man that came later in my life after many failed and painful attempts to find love…and one who showed me that love is patient, kind, gentle, supportive, ever-loving, never-harsh and constant.

Happy Birthday, Lance. This one’s for you…


Dedication from Book 1: Betrothal


I remember the first moment I saw you;

Like a magnetic pull from across the room,

My eyes lifted to meet yours,

And I was both lost and found

In you forever…

Inspired by my very own Sir Lancelot.

I am always and eternally yours.

I mean every single word of it baby. I hope this year brings you joy and all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!  XXOO


Queen's Honor: Betrothal - Tales of Lady Guinevere

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mr Matthews !!

    I agree that you are inclined to purchase your partner what they need and desire. The best is just spending time with them.

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