A thank you to all who taught me to be a better person.

Mother Mary, Mother Teresa, my own mother, and Quan Yin for their quintessential representation of the feminine ideal and unconditional love.

Gandhi and Nelson Mandela for their strength against adversity, teaching the world the power of peace.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for the notion that we create for the love of creation alone.  Because it’s not a choice.  It is who we are born to be.

My father, William Kenneth Hancock, because he believed I was smarter and more capable than I ever thought I was.

My beloved Kasie, a Catahoula Aussie mix, who taught me love asks for nothing, but gives everything.

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  1. I sometimes feel that Nelson Mandela, in his early 90s, is clinging determinedly on to life to make up for all those years he missed while in prison. Whatever, the best of luck to him and may he have many more.

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