Progress!  Bonded has been through crit and beta (with stunningly fabulous feedback–thank you everyone, I am constantly humbled by your support), and is currently in copy editing.  Soon I’ll have the release date, and am hoping I’ll be live on both Amazon and Smashwords before Christmas.  In the meantime, I’ve been diligently tweaking cover art for Bonded.  I settled on the royal blue border per the generous feedback of Dee Krull, author of Dreams and Vampires…thank you Dee!  Without further ado, here she is…

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to comment or drop me an email.  Again, a special thanks to everyone who has supported me through this process (you know who you are)!  I couldn’t have made it through all the hoops without you.


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  1. I just cruised by to check in Mande. LOVE the cover! I think it is perfect. Can’t wait for the release, how exciting!

    1. Thanks Mary! Thanks for all your support. I will e you soon.

  2. How did I miss this post?!?

    The new cover for Bonded is GORGEOUS! The expression on Swan’s face is just the right mix of mysterious and serious. She matches perfectly with the strikingly beautiful young woman that I imagined as I read the story. You’ve nailed it, Mande!

    I can’t wait for your big debut!

    1. Me neither! I appreciate all your support, Ann. And of course your new cover for In the Spotlight rocks, too! If anyone missed it, please check out my interview with the talented and witty Ann Mauren.

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