A handful of things are in the hopper:

Broken, Book 2 of the ShadowLight Saga

I intend on releasing Broken early 2013 – thanks everyone for your patience! ShadowLight is a huge project and I want to make sure it’s right before releasing the second book.

Queen’s Honor

The release of the Queen’s Honor Miniseries – Betrothal Book 1 & Quest Book 2 will be available this holiday season!

Queen’s Honor is a miniseries detailing the love triangle between Guinevere, Lancelot and King Arthur. It’s a fantasy romance retelling embued with celtic mythology and magic.

What’s a miniseries, you ask? Each book of the miniseries is constructed to be read in a couple hours, just as if you were watching a television miniseries on TV. Each story wraps up so that you’re not left hanging, though each story is part of the continuing whole. You get both the enjoyment of a satisfying read that fits into your schedule, and the overall richness of a big novel as you read the series. It’s episodic writing. I will be writing more on the idea of episodic books later, along with an introduction to the series.

Website Updates

I have merged my blog and my website in hopes of providing easier navigation so you can find what you’re looking for!

I have revamped my blog categories and will start an all new blog topic entitled “Live Your Dream” – how tos and advice on finding and living your dream – a subject near and dear to my heart

That blog revamp will include more posts about the inside workings of the books – the worlds, the magics, the characters, the process, etc. If anyone has any questions they would like answered on the books – email me and they could become a blog post!

Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream is a special and near and dear project for me that I hope you’ll enjoy. When I started writing, many years ago, I formed a few different ideas for inspiring others to find and follow their dreams. Moved by Joseph Campbell’s “Follow Your Bliss” statement, this blog series will allow me to share what’s worked for me over the years in hopes that you find and follow your dreams quicker than I did!

If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas of what they’d like to see, please comment or email me with your thoughts!

Thanks so much. Have a magical day!

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