No, I’m not talking about some archaic 1980s new-wave band (I didn’t know about them before this post – I Googled the not real word “mundanes” before writing this post and found them, so no; I’m not endowed with little-known trivia facts). I’m talking about the humdrum boredom that comes with performing every-day life activities: wake, coffee, clean, chores, write, work, work some more…and more, fix dinner, clean, chores, sleep, rinse and repeat.

I feel guilty to even admit I’m in this state of mundaneness (which isn’t a word either, though no band has coined that phrase to my Googling knowledge). Life is pretty sweet – I get to write and illustrate for a better part of my day – so I’m not really sure when this state of unenthusiastic blah-ness settled over me like some dark cloud of un-inspiration.

But it’s there. Lingering. Smothering. Annoyingly bogging me down. And forcing me to make up words that don’t exist in order to attempt to entertain myself. Notice I say attempt because I have not actually managed “entertained status.”

So, I’m not quite sure how to fix it. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll awake with a new attitude and shrug off the mundanes that plagued me today, and just chalk it up to my over-sensitive artistic nature, but I sure wish there was some pill (or chocolate remedy) for the mundanes when they hit.

If anyone has a sure-fire mundanes cure, feel free to comment! In the meantime, I’m going to go Google motivation articles. Here’s one to get me started:


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