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Name a Character & WIN $50 Amazon, B&N or iTunes Gift Certificate


Name Sir Lancelot’s horse in the upcoming Queen’s Honor miniseries and win a $50 gift certificate at your choice of Amazon, B&N, or iTunes.

CONTEST IS ALREADY COMPLETED. One of my readers, Richard from Goodreads, reminded me that epic fantasy horses needed epic proportion names, so I am asking for help to name a proud warhorse–Sir Lancelot’s stallion.

All you need to do is think of a name for Sir Lancelot’s horse and either email me the name idea or leave it as a comment on my blog and you will be entered to win the $50 gift certificate. You can enter as many names as you like.

The contest runs for 3 weeks, ending on December 6th.

Not only will you win the gift certificate, but free copies of Betrothal and Quest, books 1 & 2 of the soon-to-be-released Queen’s Honor miniseries.

Here are the horse’s facts:

  1. The stallion is a faithful servant to Sir Lancelot
  2. He is eight years old, sixteen hands high
  3. He is dapple gray in color with a salt and pepper mane
  4. He is a destrier – a top bred and very rare warhorse who is fearless in battle
  5. The only thing that rivals his courage is his loyalty to Sir Lancelot (and his desire to be groomed)
  6. The story has strong connections to Celtic mythology
  7. Old Welsh, Old Irish, Old British, and Celtic names would be appropriate, as well as any name that captures his courageous spirit and epic destiny

So, email me or leave a comment with your name for Sir Lancelot’s horse. I will pick the winner on December 6th and award you your prize!

Good luck!

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  1. How about:

    Adalardo – means noble – a celtic boys name
    Caedmon – means wise in battle – a celtic boys name
    Drew – means courageous

    Or you could go with gods names:

  2. Shaktiman celtic male god Shakt sounds good
    Cattwg is a saints name
    Heulwen is just an old name

  3. I’m totally shameless and would name it Carey because common’ it’s funny! Could be spelled Carry, LOL.
    Ok so serious names would be
    Arwain – Lead
    Cadarn – Mighty
    Cadeyrn- Battle King
    Crisiant – Trust
    Cynyr – Royal
    Daearen – Earth
    FERDAID – Ancient Hero
    Gairdh – Rough One
    HURLEY – Spirit or Mind
    IAGO – God’s Gift
    IMAR – One who is just
    IRVING – Handsome
    IONNAIN – Adopted Son
    KENTIGEARNA – Cheiftainess
    LAOCH – Hero
    LUGHAIDH – Ancient Sun God
    MACK – Son of a King
    MERLYN – Pony
    OIDHCHE – Night
    OLWYDD – Tracker
    OSCAR – Warrior
    OSWALLT – Strength from God
    OWEIN – noble born
    OWAIN – born to nobility
    QUINLAN – strong
    QUINN – wise
    RIGH – King
    SAIDEAR -soldier
    TOIREANN – Thunder
    TAIRNEACH – thunder
    UILLIAM – resolute protector
    UAINE – young warrior
    UASAIL – Noble one
    UINSEANN – conqueror
    UISDEAN – intelligent, spirit
    URIEN – Name of king
    USCIAS – Master of wisdom
    VALA – chosen
    WALJAN – chosen

  4. Hi there! Here are a few I came up with that I think fit the bill!
    -Caley (celtic) meaning brave warrior
    -Cadmar (irish) meaning brave warrior

    – Evered, a name derived from the Old English Eoforheard (brave as a wild boar), which is a com-pounding of the elements eofor (a wild boar) and heard (strong, brave, hearty). Var: Everett, Everist, Everitt, Everritt.

    -Mawr …….A welsh surname meaning “Large or Tall” or “Bright” Translated into English as “Beli the Great”.Comes from the leader of British Celtic resistance against the armies of Caesar, is remembered in the Medieval Welsh tradition Beli Mawr father of Caswallawn, Arianrhod, Lludd Llaw Eraint, Llefelys, and Afallach. In certain medieval genealogies he is listed as the husband of Anna. Historically He is also written down as being related to Cesar, and also the son of a giant by the name of Benlli or Enlli. Beli Mawr is also considered tall for he was forced to walk being too tall for a horse.

  5. Okay, this is gonna sound crazy but hear me out. The most famous and recognizable symbol in relation to celtic lore is the Shamrock or Clover. The symbology of the clover is huge and traces back to the three-fold laws of the celts – Brehon law – look it up. Everything to the celts was in threes and this encompassed the spirit of land, sky, water. When St. Patrick wanted to teach the concept of the trinity to the celts, he did so by using the three leaves of the clover which was already embraced by the celts so the conversion was easier for him. Since the clover encompasses so much of celtic mystisicm, I suggest Clover or Shamrock as the name.

  6. And the Winner is…

    First, thank you everyone for your thoughtful and well researched names. I am actually quite floored with the responses.

    I am reviewing and choosing the final winner today and will announce the winner and contact you tomorrow!

    Thank you, once again, everyone!

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