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NOW on to the glossary.

I realize the language and terminology in ShadowLight is foreign and since the language is often based on more than Old Norse (drawing from myths, other languages, or simply made up), I’ve started a glossary of terms for those of you looking for more information on word translations. I’m sure I’ve missed some (or more than some), so please feel free to comment or contact me at if you’re unclear on any meaning; or if you want to know more about a specific word or phrase.


algiz rune meaning protection, a shield, speak the rune to ward off   evil, to call forth sanctuary.
ansuz rune, which is Odin’s symbol, but als means new life,   inspiration, a priest or wise one, messages and signals
aram coppers Scandian: money that has come from the far south/east on trading   ships.
austr east
blood brother an oath taken between men
boen Alven: old tongue for prayer
caller Alven: one with the ability to speak with creatures. Also called   dyra-sogn.
dagr Alven: old tongue for daylight
drengmaers translation: Scandian warrior maidens – as in viking shield   maidens
dyra-sogn Alven: one with the ability to speak with creatures. Also called   a caller. Translation: beast song.
dyrr Alven: translation – doorway. A gold medallion which helps the   bearer to travel between worlds. It’s a combination of magic between a   songvari and a master shadowwalker.
Eikthrynir Alven mythology: the first deer born to the Mother and Guardian.   Where he walked, rivers were formed. He helped in the creation of the world.
fehu rune meaning cattle or wealth
Frey’s Festival Scandian culture: a scandian holiday where they gather honor the   god Frey and their bounty.
galdr Scandian: spellwork achieved by chanting the names of runes.   Galdr is rune-magic and is the Scandian weaker version of an Alven Songvari.
Guardian Tree Both Scandian and Alven though they differ in the precise meaning.   Generally a mythical (or godlike) being thought to create the worlds along   with the Mother. Male counterpart.
hagalaz rune meaning a hard master telling of loss before gain. The rune   works in reverse.
Halls of Valhalla In Scandian myth, this is a place for dead warriors that is   ruled by the god Odin.
hugr Alven old tongue meaning heart, courage
ihwaz a rune symbolizing the Guardian Tree
isa rune meaning locked within ice
iss Alven: old tongue for ice
ja yes
kano rune meaning an opening
kaunaz rune meaning inspiration, hope
kveld Alven: old tongue for evening
ljos Alven: old tongue for light
lurk-abouts Scandian lore of magical creatures. In truth this refers to   either shadowwalkers or dwarves.
Muspell land of fire in Norse Mythology*
nei no
Nilfheim land of ice in Norse Mythology*
nordr north
Odin Scandian: god of war and magic – king of gods. Also the king of   Upsalla.
Odin’s tree Scandian myth: A tree from Scandian myth where the god Odin hung   to gain knowledge and the power of magic and runes.
Ostara Scandian culture: a seasonal ritual where Scandians bless crops
raidho rune meaning a journey
runes** please see bottom notation
sal drengmaer translation: Scandian soul warrior maidens – a bond between   warriors as an agreement to fight for each other’s lives
sal drengrs Scandian: soul warriors – those destined to fight side by side   for life. Translation: drengmaer is the female version of this word.
scald A Scandian storyteller, singer, poet. The Norse equivelent of a   bard.
seidr Scandian: women’s magic. The ability to see, prophecize and   sometimes even attributed to shadowwalking
shadow things Scandian lore of magical creatures. In truth this refers to   either shadowwalkers or dwarves.
shadow-spawn Both Scandian and Alven – evil creatures that are believed to be   Loki’s brethren.
shadowwalk ability to see, hear, touch, and walk between worlds and places
songr Alven: old tongue for song
songvari In Alvenheim, some one with the ability to connect to the source   (the mother) and create via her elements by song
spiritwalk Scandian: same as Shadowwalking, but used by the Women of the   Way.
springtide Scandian: a day celebrated in spring
sudr south
tiwaz rune meaning spiritual warrior
uruz rune meaning brute strength
utan Alven: old tongue for beyond
valkyrie Scandian: a mythical creature that can take the guise of a swan   or warrior woman and is a servant of the Goddess Freyja.
vapnlauss Alven: old tongue for weaponless
vestr west
Yggdrasil Scandian mythology: name for the Guardian tree

* A NOTE on the Mythology contained in ShadowLight. ShadowLight uses Norse mythology as a jumping point for the land of Scandia. However, many myths contained in ShadowLight are twisted or fictional renderings, using Norse myths as inspiration only. My intention was to create a first level world (in this case Scandia as it’s the first world we enter as a reader) which was populated by different peoples with similar myths and legends, albeit with different viewpoints. Then we would enter a parallel world and see the similarity to the first world beliefs but discover they were altogether different, begging the question of what we think we know might be entirely wrong. In book three we’ll discover even these beliefs, which seem to be true, are often not. The original sentence that popped into my head one day, “Between darkness and light, there is truth,” speaks to this theme that runs throughout the entire series. What is truth? Dark and light? Right or wrong? Is it only a perspective or is there a deeper truth that permeates all?

**A NOTE on runes. Runes appear in both Scandia and Alvenheim, and are both based on the old tongue in Alven. However, most of the language is lost to Scandia and only simple runes remain. These are symbols that represent words and concepts. In Alvenheim, the old language is much richer and exists along with the common tongue. Though the old tongue is a complex system written with runic symbols, they are also spoken within the language.

***A NOTE on the featured image. This particular artwork caught my eye—he reminds me of how I picture Erik, although Erik’s eyes are green. I am a fantasy art fanatic and love sharing beautiful works with others. This specific image I found through a free wallpaper site with no attribution for the artist. If you know the artist or are the artist please contact me; I’d love to attribute your work to you!


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  1. It would appear from the search I’ve just taken using windows 10’s Cortana that the picture is ‘the song of ice and fire, game of thrones, jon snow’.

    1. Ah. So it’s fan art for Game of Thrones, and that would make sense. Still unsure of the artist. Thank you for doing that search, Vorrn. Much appreciated!

  2. I assumed the artist was jon snow, or is he a character from GOT?

    1. Jon Snow is a character from GOT. He’s played by the brilliant actor Kit Harrington on the HBO series, though the artwork looks more inspired by the books rather than the HBO series.

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