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Kindle vs. Nook Wars – Episode Three: The Accusation

I own a Kindle.  My husband owns a Nook.  You can see where this is leading…

The other day while Hubby is reading his Nook, he nonchalantly mentions, “I read your Twitter stream yesterday.”

“Oh,” I say, feigning innocence.  I know where he’s heading with this line of conversation.

He gives me that side-ways glance—part mischief, part “I know what you’re up to and you can’t fool me.”

I switch on my Kindle and continue reading “In the Spotlight” by Ann Mauren.  I’m at a juicy twist where the heroine’s ex-main squeeze appears on the scene while new main squeeze is watching in the wings when Hubby interrupts.

“Seems to me you’re tweets are skewed towards the Kindle.”

“Really?” I say, straight faced.

“If you don’t mind the Nook’s screen glare?” he accuses.  “Or how about, and I quote ‘Nook hands down.’”

Okay, I admit, he got me.  I did reference the Nook’s screen glare in a not so pretty light, bashed Angry Birds, and unfairly promoted the Kindle.  So in order to keep the peace I’ve agreed to highlight some positives about Hubby’s Nook.  Here goes:

  • You can browse by book covers.  I’m a big fan of cover art, and you can’t beat big, beautiful color.
  • You can play Angry Birds while waiting to pick up your take out.
  • There are more sorting options for book browsing.
  • A virtual keyboard versus regular takes up less reading space.
  • Ability to lend books to friends…but come on, fourteen days and one lend?  Is that really a benefit?
  • Oh, yeah.  It’s touch screen.  But I think that’s just showing off.

So there you have it.  A few of Nook’s prime benefits over Kindle.  I hope this means Hubby will concede to picking up dinner…after all, he can play Angry Birds while he waits.

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  1. I had a rather long debate myself on choosing an ereader, but ultimately I rolled with an iPad despite being on a tight budget. With it I can read Nook, Kindle, all million of my emails, get my blog and writings done and still play angry birds ^ ^ I do have the screen glare in sunlight though =(

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