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Looking for Book Two of the ShadowLight Saga?

The ShadowLight Saga Prequel
The ShadowLight Saga Prequel

I have noticed some googling for book two of the ShadowLight Saga, so I’m going to give you all a status update on what I have in the hopper. 

But first – THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN BOOK TWO! 😉  I love you guys!

Secondly, I’m working on a free prequel.  It stars Swan before she finds Hallad, and details her battle with the Shadow.  I am hoping to release the prequel, currently entitled The Light Keepers by end of March.  Anyone who wants to be on the notification email list for release, just email me and ask to be on my Insider’s list; you’ll be the first to know.

And finally, for Book Two of the ShadowLight Saga, here’s a little Insider information that was released to my Insider’s Club.

I have decided on Broken for the title as I think it best reflects the action of the story. But the most exciting development for Broken? We get Swan’s point of view—yes! We finally get inside her head and see the story unfold from her eyes. (The prequel is just a little tease of this!)

While Bonded was all about Hallad figuring out his destiny and role as Guardian, Broken revolves around Swan discovering the power inside her.

But that’s not all—Hallad is seduced (and manipulated) by none other than Ravenna, First Walker of the Norns. Their romantic involvement leaves Swan alone and vulnerable as she’s struggling to discover and control her power.

What about Emma and Erik? Ah…yes…their love story continues, but it is complicated by Erik’s desire to keep Emma safe, and Emma’s need to help the wolves she left behind in Grimnear.

Meanwhile, the land continues to die, and war breaks out between Glitner and the Conspirators. Our heroes and heroines have to choose sides. Will they rally with one another, or against?

So there you have it. I’ll be sure and keep you posted of my progress. Email me any time! I’d love to hear from you.

Have a magical day.

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  1. Love the title “Broken”! It’s a perfect foil to the theme of book one and has me drooling for book two! Hurry and get that published! Can’t WAIT for The Light Keepers, too! Come on March!!! 😉

  2. Just finished book one of the ShadowLight Saga and enjoyed “every” word. Cannot wait for book two to be available. You are a wonderful writer, absolutely delightful, and I cannot wait to read more of your work. You are truly a jewel in the literary world of fantasy writing. None better!

    1. Colleen! You’re such a sweetie! I am so thankful for your kind words and that you enjoyed Bonded. Thanks so much for stopping by to let me know. You are much appreciated. Big hugs!

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