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A Viking and Shield Maiden Fantasy Romance

Yes! A new book release! A new genre! A new pen name! And it’s all a little bit naughty!

For those of you waiting for ShadowLight or Queen’s Honor, don’t worry! I’m diligently working on books that might just be on your want to read list.

In the meantime, I’ve got a little treat, a sexy romp, a bad-a warrior shieldmaiden romance for free just for being a dedicated follower.

Introducing Jessa Knight

Who is Jessa Knight?

Jessa Knight is me, Mande Matthews, the internationally bestselling fantasy author.

Why the pseudonym? It’s an immediate way for readers to identify that these stories contain open door sex. You’ll still find the same brand of magic, originality, captivating characters and pulse-pounding pacing as traditional Mande Matthews novels, but the heat level leans toward naughty.

Grab your copy in the next 72 hours and it’s yours, absolutely free.

Ring of Fire: A Viking and Shield Maiden Fantasy Romance

Ring of Fire, A Viking and Sheild Maiden Fantasy Romance

“No ordinary historical Viking romance…Ring of Fire has one bad-a warrior woman who knows exactly what she wants.”

Brand, Viking commander of the Sea Eagle, risks life and limb to sail to the island of Taryn in order to secure an alliance by marrying the daughter of an infamous warlord. Instead, he finds an unwilling bride-turned-shield maiden challenging him to a duel in the deadly Ring of Fire to win not only her freedom but his ship and crew’s as well. Prepare to be spellbound by this sexy, magical Viking and Shield Maiden romance.

Exclusively on Amazon:

Ring of Fire is also available in paperback at a low cost: Paperback Edition

Let me know if you liked it and want to see more from Jessa Knight.

As always, have a magical day,

Mande Matthews

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