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I’m Flattered You Want To Steal My Book

ShadowLightSaga Bonded FreeHonestly, I am. The fact that Bonded: Book One of the ShadowLight Saga has shown up in file shares and illegal download sites is quite flattering.  It means someone is going through the trouble to fight off malicious software downloads and browser hijacks just to get my book for free. It means someone out there wanted my book bad enough to try to steal it. By all that’s wondrous in this universe, those facts alone are enough to cause me to smile. It’s right up there with a five-star  review.


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Free Fantasy eBook – P5: The Light Keepers, Chapter 3

Free fantasy ebookPART 5 of a 5 PART Post >> Go to first post >> Read this Free Fantasy eBook Online or Download in an eReader format of your choice.

Chapter 3


Astrid waited for her mother to sleep, and for Balin to attend his chores. She double-checked her mother’s state, holding her hand above the woman’s nose.

Shallow, as if she scarcely lives. Her shoulders slumped at the thought.  I keep a terrible secret from you. I’m sorry I am angry that you and Balin isolate me from the world, but I understand. You love me, Mamma.  I could not bear to lose you. You are all that I have.

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Free Fantasy eBook Download – The Light Keepers

Free Fantasy ebook - The Light Keepers
Free Fantasy eBook - The Light Keepers

Now Available: The Light Keepers – a free fantasy eBook


CLICK HERE to Download the Free YA Epic Fantasy eBook in your preferred reading format!

I am so happy to make this book available to my readers for free! I have been working diligently on releasing this prequel—a revealing glimpse of Swan’s battle with the Shadow. Rest assured, I am now working to complete plotting for both books 2 and 3, but I wanted to give readers a treat with this freebie while you’re patiently waiting. And no! You don’t have to read Bonded to enjoy this book; it stands alone as a self contained story. Here’s the book blurb:

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Sword Novels – Fighting in Fiction

Sword Novels - Fighting in Fiction
I know she's not European medieval--but she's awesome looking so I added her.

While writing the prequel to ShadowLight, I realized the only knowledge I have about sword fighting is what I’ve seen in movies, tv, or read about in books. Yep.  All my knowledge comes from fictional fights and sword novels.  Sad, but true. And let’s face it, when’s the last time you’ve seen anyone do a slo-mo triple flip with two battle swords in hand, consequently wiping out a hoard of oncoming baddies–all while dressed in a skimpy skirt and tummy shirt?  Um. Never. (In real life that is–incase you weren’t sure, we’re talking about reality right now.  I know. I try to avoid it too, but that ole’ reality check keeps popping up on me.)


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Looking for Book Two of the ShadowLight Saga?

The ShadowLight Saga Prequel
The ShadowLight Saga Prequel

I have noticed some googling for book two of the ShadowLight Saga, so I’m going to give you all a status update on what I have in the hopper. 

But first – THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN BOOK TWO! 😉  I love you guys!

Secondly, I’m working on a free prequel.  It stars Swan before she finds Hallad, and details her battle with the Shadow.  I am hoping to release the prequel, currently entitled The Light Keepers by end of March.  Anyone who wants to be on the notification email list for release, just email me and ask to be on my Insider’s list; you’ll be the first to know.

And finally, for Book Two of the ShadowLight Saga, here’s a little Insider information that was released to my Insider’s Club.

I have decided on Broken for the title as I think it best reflects the action of the story. But the most exciting development for Broken? We get Swan’s point of view—yes! We finally get inside her head and see the story unfold from her eyes. (The prequel is just a little tease of this!)

While Bonded was all about Hallad figuring out his destiny and role as Guardian, Broken revolves around Swan discovering the power inside her.

But that’s not all—Hallad is seduced (and manipulated) by none other than Ravenna, First Walker of the Norns. Their romantic involvement leaves Swan alone and vulnerable as she’s struggling to discover and control her power.

What about Emma and Erik? Ah…yes…their love story continues, but it is complicated by Erik’s desire to keep Emma safe, and Emma’s need to help the wolves she left behind in Grimnear.

Meanwhile, the land continues to die, and war breaks out between Glitner and the Conspirators. Our heroes and heroines have to choose sides. Will they rally with one another, or against?

So there you have it. I’ll be sure and keep you posted of my progress. Email me any time! I’d love to hear from you.

Have a magical day.

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Bonded Pre-Release Sale – Only 99 Cents

Great news!
Bonded: Book One of the ShadowLight Saga is currently available at a pre-release special price of 99 cents! This sale will expire mid-January, but I wanted to give my blog visitors a chance to buy the book at a reduced rate for being so supportive!


Buy on

Buy on

and enter the following coupon code
to lower the price to 99 cents: SV25U
coupon will expire January 13, 2012

Feel free to share this offer with your friends and family!

One last exciting development:
Thanks to all of you, Bonded hit the number 1 position on Amazon under the Norse category on December 22nd! I am so thankful for all of your support and encouragement. I could not have done this without you.

On January 1, 2012, Bonded held the number 1 position again…for the entire day!  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!

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Valkyrie Stories

Valkyrie Stories
Valkyrie Stories

The Valkyrie in Norse mythology—a captivatingly beautiful woman, dressed in full scale battle gear, sweeping the battlefield for fallen heroes.  I am fascinated by this image. So much so, a version of a Valkyrie appears as a main character in the ShadowLight Saga:

A long-limbed beauty straightened up from the edge of the still waters of Prophetess Cove, turning to face Hallad. The woman’s white hair silvered in the cast of the moonlight, shimmering off of her naked limbs. Beads of water clung to her skin like hundreds of white jewels. The woman fixed her cool gaze on Hallad. Her hardened eyes defied the fact she bared all to a strange man. Hallad could not turn away. No matter how hard he tried to look askance, his eyes stayed prisoner to her own iron black.

The empty space inside Hallad rushed with emotions he couldn’t identify. As their eyes connected, awareness surged through every muscle, bone and the blood of his body—a sense that on this night, the Norns drew forth his destiny from the rune stones. A shine in her dark irises, a flicker of her eyelid, told him she felt the same.

A shift in her carriage broke Hallad’s stare. He realized the woman gripped a battle sword in her right hand. Women did not carry swords. In his village and throughout the lands of sudr Scandi they carried keys, needles, small knives and broaches, proudly displayed on a chain strung around their dresses, but never swords. Even the men in his father’s hall wouldn’t possess such a fine instrument.

Swan, my heroine in Bonded, book one of the ShadowLight Saga, is inspired from Valkyrie stories and Norse mythology stories.  She is the quintessential ice queen, except secrets lay beneath her frosty demeanor.  And those secrets will changes one man’s destiny forever.

Click here to read this Valkyrie story.

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Bonded’s New Cover Art

Progress!  Bonded has been through crit and beta (with stunningly fabulous feedback–thank you everyone, I am constantly humbled by your support), and is currently in copy editing.  Soon I’ll have the release date, and am hoping I’ll be live on both Amazon and Smashwords before Christmas.  In the meantime, I’ve been diligently tweaking cover art for Bonded.  I settled on the royal blue border per the generous feedback of Dee Krull, author of Dreams and Vampires…thank you Dee!  Without further ado, here she is…

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to comment or drop me an email.  Again, a special thanks to everyone who has supported me through this process (you know who you are)!  I couldn’t have made it through all the hoops without you.


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