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Quick Broken Update + a Free Holiday Gift for My Readers!

A Free Fantasy Story

I am on chapter 46 of 52 of the next installment of the ShadowLight Saga, Broken. I tend to be a cycler, which means I cycle back through chapters before going forward, so that my first draft is really about my 20th and ready for final touches (editing rounds) and distribution to critique partners and beta readers for feedback. That said, I realized I would not be able to deliver before the end of this year unless I expected readers to work through the holidays, which I absolutely do not! And I felt awful about pushing the release back to January, but it also gave me an opportunity.

During the holiday season, so many companies are trying to get you to buy, buy, but that’s not really in the spirit giving. So, I’ve taken a few days and written a ShadowLight Short Story set in Scandia that’s been burning for me to write. Though the main characters are new and not related to the principal plot of the series, a few of Bonded’s characters do appear in the story.

I hope readers will enjoy this tale. I intend on releasing it to my newsletter subscribers as a free Holiday Gift. It will be ready soon, and sent to you via email, absolutely free, no-strings-attached present from my heart to yours. If you’re not signed up on my list, sign up today, and you’ll receive the story. (Sign up here, if you’re not already subscribed.)

You’ll be hearing from me soon. Have a magical night.


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  1. please sign me up to be notified when ‘broken’ is released and any short stories and other updates

  2. came across the light keepers and took it on holiday, it was a great read, really compelling characters and a great new fantasy land, bought bonded and sped through it, just really relate to these characters and can’t wait for ‘broken’ to be released

    1. Thank you, Ruth! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the series. I’ve checked, and you’re signed up on my list, and I’ve also sent you access to the free story vault. Hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday season, and thanks again for stopping by. I really enjoyed hearing from you.

  3. Totally addicted, looking forward to book 3.

    1. Thanks MK! I’m glad you’re enjoying them. 😉

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