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Cover Reveal – Goddess Born – A ShadowLight Side Adventure

ShadowLight Saga Book 3

Announcing Goddess Born, a new ShadowLight side adventure.  I started this as a short story and it became clear as I continued on the story that Ginna Hummeldottir (Hummel’s 9th daughter from Bonded, book 1) needed a longer story. She becomes important to Rolf in the third book of the saga.

So I’ve been working on expanding out this story for a full on short novel-length adventure. I know many of you are anxious for book 3, and trust me, so am I! I’m not as fast as a lot of authors out there and though it might have been prudent to continue with the third book in the trilogy, this side adventure was an important step for me before continuing on in the saga. Yes, rest assured, there will be a book three which I will return to once Goddess Born releases. An and details will follow soon.

For now, here’s the cover for Goddess Born.

Goddess Born - A ShadowLight Side Adventure
Goddess Born – A ShadowLight Side Adventure

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  1. Looking forward to this and book 3!

    1. Me too! 😉 Thanks for stopping by and letting me know.

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