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  • So far so good. I am intrigued by Astrid so may well purchase the series when/if finances allow. Sorry, but I steer away from retellings of Arthurian legend koz we all know the final outcome and we can’t change that (well, I suppose we can, but then would it be Arthur?). Personally I’ve always wanted the three lovers to be exactly that and rule as that, however then the ‘new religion’ would be raised against them I expect and we’d still end up with a tragedy. Get me off this subject, I could discuss it all night.

    1. Thanks for reading the Light Keepers, Vorrn. I’m always happy to hear from readers. I like the idea of the loves to rule together, and perhaps you’re right. In an older religion, that might have been possible. I knew Queen’s Honor was a risk from the get-go as the legend is so beloved and you get angry readers when you veer away from their expectations. But of course, I take quite a lot of liberty with it, anyway! I’m a Xena fanatic and loved the campiness mixed with emotional themes in Xena and wanted to bring that to Guinevere’s story. So there’s quite a lot of twists and a bit of comedy in there, along with the Celtic magic and religion. It’s more of a square than a triangle if that makes any sense and will have a surprise resolution though I can’t give that away. 😉 But I can tell you the old religion will heavily influence the storyline. I wanted it to be fun and romantic and yet show a possible side to Guinevere not seen in other retellings. Divine feminine and all, which plays big in Celtic lore.

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