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I wrote If Angels Whisper based on the meaning of my birth name, Amanda, which any Google search will return as “beloved, worthy of love” because I believe everyone deserves to feel loved. It’s my hope that this story brings you that–the feeling of being loved just for being you. 

I also stole a few facts from my own life, but I’m not going to tell you which ones those are. You’re welcome to email me and guess and I’ll reveal them to anyone who asks. 🙂 

If Angels Whisper is FREE on all platforms except for Amazon (only .99 cents). 

If you’re on Amazon and what a free ARC (Advanced Reader Copy)* for a review, just email me back and I’ll provide one.


There’s always been something wrong with me but I’m not sure what.

I’ve had daydreams of angels since I was a child, specifically a guardian angel to rescue me from my addicted mom, non-existent father, and friendless existence.

You see, there’s a mystery surrounding my birth. One that mom won’t talk about. One that keeps her checking out every single February 2nd…that’s my birthday, but from her behavior, you’d think it was doomsday.

I’ve always known something was missing. Like there’s a hole in my heart that needs… That’s the thing. I don’t know what it needs but it’s left me feeling unworthy of love at all.

But now odd events are happening. Like visitations from a robin, visions I can’t explain, and an out-of-body experience—if that’s what it really was. I’m starting to question everything. What secrets have my parents been keeping? Who am I, really? And could I be worthy of love in more ways than I ever imagined?

If Angels Whisper is an emotional, heartfelt short story (approx. 10,000 words) with fantasy realism and spiritual elements. 

***If Angels Whisper - A free heartwarming guardian angel short story

“An inspirational story of love and healing.”

 “Whether you’re looking for Christian Teen Fantasy or just inspirational fantasy fiction, this one will make you cry. And that’s a good thing.”

 “Emotional fiction. A motivational story with a moral that feels genuine and true. A must-read, divine experience.”

 “Warmhearted, motivational, inspirational. This ethereal story will give your heart wings.”

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I’d love to hear your thoughts and guesses about what’s true and what’s not. 🙂 

Have a magical day,

Mande Matthews Bestselling Fantasy Author

*What’s an ARC?
It’s a completely free copy of the book that I send to you for an honest review. All you need to do is email me and request one. 

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