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And the Winners Are…

Get a Free Copy of The Light Keepers Audiobook
Get a Free Copy of The Light Keepers Audibook
Audible Audiobook Winners

The 2 winners for The Light Keepers audiobook are…

Drumroll please…

For privacy, I have not included the full email address, but the above should give you enough to know who you are. 

Congratulations winners! You’ll get an email from Audible with your free audiobook instructions!

But if you weren’t one of the lucky winners, I have 3 pieces of great news for you.

  1. I am giving away TEN copies of the Audible version of Bonded, next! And anyone that entered for the Light Keepers will be automatically entered. If you didn’t enter, watch for the announcement for your chance to win.
  2. You can still get a free copy of the Light Keepers with a 7-day free trial over at Audible.
  3. And finally, discover yet another way that everyone can listen for free without a trial! More on that in just a bit.

First, for Audible, just click this link and grab your copy.

Or buy a copy here. (Yep, I really appreciate the support.)

Not into the free trial? Well, guess what? I am making The Light Keepers permanently free on YouTube! Yep, that’s right.

And you can listen anytime you like, right here:

You can access the entire book’s YouTube Playlist by clicking this link:

And hey, if you’re still wanting an Audible copy, and are interested in a review copy, contact me. ?

Have a magical day,


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