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ShadowLight: The Ages as Passed Down by the Norns

The following are the a Ages as set down in Alvenheim’s history:

Aldr Songr (Age of Song):
The first epic of time. The Guardian spoke the word and the Mother sang heaven and earth into existence (Alvenheim and Scandia). The Guardian and Mother populated the two worlds with Alves and Humans. Then a dark child sprang from the breast of the Mother, born deaf to her songs. He was named Loki.

Aldr Skilja (Age of Separation):
Jealous and angry of his fair brothers and sisters born with song on their lips, Loki sought out the Mother’s wellspring of power beneath the roots of the Guardian and used the magic to create dark creatures—wolves, ravens, beetles, snakes and all slithering, crawling, poisonous and ravenous beasts known to the worlds. Horrified, the Guardian spoke the word and created the in-between world – a world between fire and ice – a world of shadows where Loki could never touch the magic of the Mother again.

Aldr Draumr (Age of Dreams):
When the first walkers appeared. No one knew where their power came from, but both Alvens and Scandians were born with the ability to dream, see, and even walk between the worlds.

Aldr Mannfall (Age of Slaughter):
Loki had been forgotten in his far away prison, until he touched the walkers and became known as the Shadow. He poisoned their minds with trickery and deceit, using them to do his evil bidding. The division between walkers and Avlens born with the touch of the Mother became apparent. Walkers were suspected to be allied with the Shadow and branded with the raven. Those born in Alvenheim without the touch of the Mother rose against her—raping her, pillaging her, taking without asking.

Aldr Pagall (Age of Silence):
The age yet to come. The age that is feared. When the Mother falls silent to all.

Aldr Okunnigr (Age of the Unknown):
The age that will rise after the silence.

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