I own a Kindle.  My husband owns a Nook.  You can see where this is leading…

Last night the power went out.  We lit candles, grabbed our respective e-reading devices and hopped in bed.  Hubby clicked on his Nook and dove into the second book of the Hunger Games.  I scavenged through the nightstand for a book light, hooked it to my Kindle case, and flipped on the light.

Moments later…

 “What’s the matter honey?  Can’t see your screen?” says Hubby.

“I’m just adjusting the book light. Not a big deal.”  I nudge the light.  It casts shadows over half the page.  I tweak the darn thing again.  A bright light reflects in the center while the rest of the page remains obscured in darkness.

Moments later…

“I think I’ll download the third book.  I’m almost finished with this one.”

“Fine,” I say.  “I’m going to sleep.”  I switch off my Kindle, roll over and pout.

SCORE:  Nook 1.  Kindle 0.

Kindle VS Nook Wars – Episode One: Power Outage
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