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ShadowLight Saga Books Available Now

The Light Keepers, ShadowLight Saga Prequel
The Light Keepers
ShadowLight Saga Prequel


Bonded, Book 1 of the ShadowLight Saga
Book 1, ShadowLight Saga
Broken, Book 2 of the ShadowLight Saga
Book 2, ShadowLight Saga

Shadow Born, Book 2.5 of the ShadowLight Saga

Shadow Born
Book 2.5, ShadowLight Saga

Queen’s Honor Books Available Now

Betrothal - Queen's Honor Episode One
Betrothal – Queen’s Honor Episode One
Quest - Queen's Honor Book Two
Quest – Queen’s Honor Book Two
Surrender - Queen's Honor Short Story by Mande Matthews
Surrender – Queen’s Honor Short Story by Mande Matthews



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Surrender - Queen's Honor Short Story by Mande Matthews

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About the Author

Mande Matthews is the author of the ShadowLight Saga and the mini-series Queen’s Honor. While attending a performing arts college for writing and arranging, Mande discovered Joseph Cambell’s Masks of God series. Her desire to understand humanity through myth and legend mingled with her love of fantasy fiction, birthing her life-long quest to create original new worlds for readers. A hermit at heart, Mande recedes into the realms of imagination where she occasionally surfaces to face the real world aided by her minions: a husband who plays the dog drum (the belly of their border collie), and a menagerie of furred, feathered and mostly magical friends.


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